Mathieu is 34 years old, he comes from Aussonne near Toulouse. He disappeared around August 15th 2018 while travelling alone in northern Argentina.


Mathieu always has a smile! He is friendly, attentive, curious, always ready to start a conversation, share a moment and help. He is naturally benevolent…

He loves sports and especially basketball, he also played football and rugby in a club when he was a teenager. Above all, he loves team spirit, surpassing himself and solidarity.


Mathieu loves music, musical culture in general, he is open to the world, he early developed an interest in different cultures and civilizations. At the age of 18, a disease makes him reflect on his desires, his plans, his future.

He makes his first travel to the United States visiting family.


He finishes his studies, passes his BTS degree in industrial maintenance and decides to realize his dream: to travel, to go around the world, to do « his » world tour, the one he will build little by little though social interactions and his dreams.


For more than 12 years, Mathieu has explored this world as he so aptly describes himself in his blog: “On a journey for a cultural world tour. I am looking for discovery and adventure, ready to learn more about what surrounds me. Sharing and meeting people is what drives my heart and my desires.”


Mathieu likes to read, a taste he developed gradually through his travels. He is curious about everything. He is interested in the places he discovers, the people, the cultures, the traditions, the ancient history, the recent history … He also invests himself, takes part in the life of the places he crosses, offering his help, to a peasant, a farmer, a beekeeper, to an entire population even to rebuild a house, a school …


Mathieu is cautious, calm, he reflects on his career paths, inquires, completes all formalities, makes himself known to the authorities. Even if his path seems atypical Mathieu has his feet on the ground!


He is very close to his parents. He has never spent more than 10 days without sending news, it is a principle! He is «connected» with Perrine, his sister and his nephew.

Mathieu is also close to his family with whom he likes to share his travel stories, his feelings, his projects. He is always there for his friends, friends he has made from all around the world.

« Mathieu, He is a beneficent warrior, he kisses bears, eats herbs and drinks the water of the river! He is a pearl of nature. He is close. The research continues.» (His friend David)

Mathieu grows with each trip, he is in love with life and nature, he is also attached to his roots. He bought a barn in the Pyrenees and began to rehabilitate it.

he decides to make a last long journey with specific steps that he wants to discover, before coming back home to finish the renovations and enjoy his barn.


It was during this journey, he started in September 2017, that led him to do stopovers, among others, in Gambia, Cape Verde, Guadeloupe, Brazil, Uruguay … that we lost Mathieu's track in the north part of Argentina, in the province of Salta and more precisely in the area of Higueras Volcano.



Click on the stages of the trip to see some photos taken by Mathieu during the world tour he started in 2017.

Months are going by, several researches were carried out, without result. The investigation has been completed and the Argentinian authorities, considering that the elements in their possession are sufficient, arrested and detained in December 2018 two suspects for «simple homicide».   


Despite the lack of concrete and irrefutable evidence to prove the homicide lead, the trial takes place from November 9th to November 26th in Salta while Mathieu is still missing.


This situation is not acceptable for the family following the trial in videoconference.


Mathieu’s parents last trip to Argentina was in December 2019. They met the new governor of the Province of Salta, the authorities in charge of the investigation, the media … They expressed their concern about the end of the investigation, about the outcome of this trial without evidence, and about their misunderstanding of the fact that no other leads are being studied while Mathieu is still missing.


New researches were to be organized in the area near the two suspects' homes, but due to the health crisis we do not know if they will be able to take place. That is why we are in contact with French private organizations that could conduct this research.


We have to discover the truth, we must find Mathieu.

The blog Mathieu maintained during all his years of travel, posting his photos: